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Question: Are these real Twitter Followers?
Answer: Yes. We work hard to find real Twitter user to follow our client’s profile.
Question: How will this help my profile?
Answer: A page with large following and regular tweets is far more likely to be followed and to gain attention than a page with very few followers. We’ll help build your popularity and following quickly to amplify your efforts.

Question: Is this safe to use on my Twitter account?
Answer: Twitter has never removed an account as a result of our promotion services, as we do not use software or bots on our customer pages (which have been known to draw unwanted attention). We have done promotion for hundreds of profiles.
Question: Are these followers guaranteed?
Answer: Yes, we’re one of the few companies in this industry that guarantees their Twitter followers! If your followers drop off within the first 2 months of your order (which is natural in the beginning of a campaign), we will restore them free of charge.